Class Warpath

Its 2012 and I’m still in the water
sharks swarm but I’m never swimming for shore
Let’em Come, Let’em Come! I’ve sharpened my tongue
not scared of the deep, ain’t afraid to see blood
others pulled off the road, headed for home
sunk to the bottom couldn’t find a way to float
low oxygen, closed like a vice up on their throat
no one hears a scream that can’t survive on what it wrote
but I’m still in the game, castle’s on the board
crashing the door forged greyhound pass now I’m back on tour
strapped for war, merch in the bag food packed back for more
lion in my throat with a fire to feed
explode out the bottle when the throttle release
small man; sharp teeth. much dirt undone
and leagues to go before I sleep

Pops say when you gonna get rich n’ make it?
neva, I ain’t write the type of shit that make you famous
I get national press for protest arrests;
I insight the type of shit that make you famous
my song is a deep sea alien
that would explode in people’s ears
if Payola ever brought it to the surface of a Top 40 playlist
I ain’t fakin’, it’s worth more than they could ever fuckin me
who could own a tree, like a native?
not gangster, still the FBI hate me
for bein’ that rat, who made it through the maze
and never took the cheese when they gave it
it’s Amazin’, I’m AMAZING
white trash ain’t supposed to study wages
they want us poor, drunk, dumb, and makin’ babies
hooked on sports, god, porn, keep it brain dead
but I made it, out the matrix
native healers taught me how to shape shift
how study race, class, and what the state is
I know Capital is just exploited labor
there’s a whole lot more but that’s the basics
War is for profit, not national safety
training youth in genocide for a paycheck
found the abyss before i knew what is was
can’t look away until we break it
but we gonna make it, I can taste it
never been closer to makin’ these type of changes
and I’m afraid but I can’t look away
if that’s what it takes, man,
Class War till they put me in a fucking jail cell
but I don’t wanna be in no jail cell

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