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  Direct Art, Direct Action:

Direct Art Workshop90 minute teach-in, discussing and outlining concrete examples of effective progressive change and counterculture victory. Topics include the rise of modern independent journalism, successful working-class campaigns for local office, source reduction, dollar-vote consumerism, and community organizing. Comprehensive examination of organizing in terms of campaigns, strategies, and tactics. Additionally, Direct Art, Direct Action seeks to examine the role all mediums of art play in the presentation, facilitation, and documentation of lasting human rights advances. Workshop includes breakdown and overview of Jared’s coverage of both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in 2004 & 2008 while on assignment for independent Rhode Island-based news outlets, as well as his experiences as a core organizer with Occupy Providence. This presentation is an interactive info share, attendees will be encouraged to participate and take part in discussion. Please bring writing materials or tablets.

“Jared Paul’s mentor-ship and teaching is grounded in a sense of urgency and concern for our present. In workshop, he combines the creativity of performance art with the intentionality of stressing meticulous editing on even the finest of details. Jared’s work is a testament to the fact that the new age freedom fighter must not only have passion for their cause, but must have the discipline to continually improve their craft until it creates the necessary social change.”
-Aaron Samuels, founding member of Wu Slam Poetry Club, Washington University

“Jared Paul leads by example, being one with an almost excessive self-discipline and universal empathy. His poetics are inherently teachings of social justice, ethical art praxis, and sustainable community building via arts education and collaboration. His passion and critical eye are contagious, despite one’s age, backgrounds, or political affiliation. His teaching style pushes one towards a more compelling and developed process of analysis, editing, and overall performance.”
-Meghan Fogarty, creative writing major at The New School, New York City

  Performance Poetry Mechanics:

Poetry WorkshopContemporary performance poetry is one of the most active and current links in the very long and sacred chain that is the Oral Tradition. This tradition is a timeless mosaic of messages and testimonies transmitted through song, story, folktale, prayer, ballad, and poem, carried on, remixed, and reborn throughout generations. The history of these accounts is vastly older than written language and their diligence has never ceased being amongst the most sincere and effective means of human communication, expression, catharsis, education, and inspiration. Performance Poetry Mechanics is a 90 minute skill share which focuses on connecting with the universal force of the Oral Tradition, as well as developing techniques, confidence, and achieving the most sincere and effective presentation possible. Session covers methods of preparing for diverse performance settings, communicating with a live audience, voice projection, breath control, and blocking. Performance Poetry Mechanics also examines the process of conquering stage fright and performance anxiety through identifying and utilizing best practice habits, as well as critical assessment of the appropriateness of live recitation in the context of performance art spaces and events. Facilitated by Jared Paul, internationally touring performance poet and 8 time coach of the Providence National Youth Poetry Slam Team featured on HBO’s Brave New Voices.

“Enormously helpful analysis and critique of performance details. Jared’s firsthand performance knowledge overflows with invaluable advice.”
-A.K. Williams, Princeton University

“Jared has an infectiously engaged way of viewing writing and performing, and he brings that focus and energy to all those who attend his workshops or shows.”
-Laura Murphy, Goddard College

“Integrity In Craft’ was an invaluable experience. The feedback went deeper than what is found in even the most in-depth writing workshops…This workshop is for writers and speakers wanting newfound confidence in what flows from their pens as well as their mouths.”
-Amy Moore, Montserrat College of Art