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Having toured internationally in over 200 cities throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe playing alongside legendary poets, musicians, journalists, and speakers such as Amy Goodman, Saul Williams, Bill Clinton, Sage Francis, Our Lady Peace, Paul Hawken, Jello Biafra, Immortal Technique, Anti-Flag, Atmosphere, The Misfits and many others, Jared is widely recognized as one of the premiere performance poets in the world. His work has been featured on the Canadian Broadcast Company program, “Zed TV,” as well as in CMJ Magazine and The Providence Journal. Jared is a two time Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist and has been a featured poet at the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, the Post Secret national book tour, South By Southwest Music Festival, and Net Roots Nation. He was also the headlining act for the 2009 Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach grand opening at the nationally acclaimed Villa Stuck gallery in Munich, Germany.

“Jared Paul is a stunning performer – staring audiences in the eyes and calling for conscious responses to injustice. His talent at sharing complex ideas through verse should not be missed.”
-The Eureka Times Standard

“Jared Paul has some real flow mastery.”
-Vice Magazine

“If the United Nations needed a representative from the Slam/poetry community, we’d send them Jared.”
-Buddy Wakefield, 2004 & 2005 Individual World Poetry Slam Champion

“(Jared) rocks like Public Enemy bumrushing a basement hardcore matinee…”
-CMJ Magazine



With over a decade of anti-war/animal rights/environmental protection organizing and a storied career laden with protest arrests, Jared Paul has become somewhat of a modern folk hero within the underground American counter-culture. In his capacity as an organizer he has interviewed, photographed, or featured on NPR, WPRO, RI Channel 5, 10, and 12, as well as in the New York Times, The Denver Post, the Associated Press, and many other outlets. His most notable run-in with the law happened during the 2008 Republican National Convention, where Jared was the victim of a mass arbitrary arrest. Fans and supporters jumped to action via online fundraisers and live benefit shows, through which an attorney was hired and the case was eventually dropped. His “Conspiracy To Riot” creative non-fiction series was published by the quarterly Providence periodical “The Agenda” and Strange Famous Records.

Jared is featured in the following radical documentaries:
Manufacturing Dissent
Life Is Easy
This Revolution
Slam Planet
5 Days In Denver

“Jared Paul is a firestorm of conviction and flow. In a world long on words and short on action, Jared delivers both.”
-Peter Young, nationally renowned animal rights organizer and advocate for social justice.

“Emerson said that character is higher than intellect. What happens when someone has both character and intellect, as well as a sense of conviction that can be described only as humbling? You have made Jared Paul’s acquaintance.”
-Columbia Recording Artist, Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace



Jared is an artist in residence at AS220, the award winning Rhode Island arts collective dedicated to providing unjuried spaces for local and national artists since 1985. He is the founder and an 8 time coach of the Providence National Youth Poetry Slam Team, assisting and encouraging Rhode Island youth to seize the reins of performance art since 2001. Under Jared’s direction Team Providence advanced to finals stage at The Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Festival in 2004, 2006 and 2007. Jared has facilitated performance poetry and direct action workshops at festivals, conferences, universities, prep schools, youth correctional facilities, public schools, and writer’s groups across America.

“The only thing stronger than Jared Paul’s convictions is his ability to change yours with the craft of his language.”
-Sonya Renee, 2004 Individual National Poetry Slam Champion

“Jared Paul is a juggernaut who lives his politics. His work speaks to the political – which is his personal – that he lives with sincere conviction and integrity.”
-Michael Cirelli, Executive Director URBAN WORD NYC

“Jared Paul is the watchdog of poetry, a force not unlike a hurricane– a very skinny, loud, sweaty hurricane that wants you to know your life is worth everything and that this planet belongs to us all.”
-Mike McGee, 2003 Individual National Poetry Slam Champ and 2006 Individual World Poetry Slam Champ

Jared has presented at the following colleges and universities:


Boston University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, University of London-Goldsmiths (UK), Georgetown University, University of California-Berkeley, University of Michigan, Amherst College, NYU, University of Washington-Seattle, Emerson College, Bates College, Rhode Island School of Design, Humboldt State University, Brandeis University, Evergreen University, Stonehill College, University of New Hampshire, Massachusetts College of Art, Hampshire College, Clark University, Smith College, Wheaton College, University of Rhode Island, University of Delaware, SUNY-Albany, Culinary Institute of America, Washington University (St. Louis), University of Northern Colorado, University of Idaho-Moscow, Boise State University, Western Washington University, University of Oregon-Eugene, Chico State University, Sacramento State University, Rhode Island College, Sierra College, Santa Clara University, University of California-San Jose, University of California-Santa Cruz, Johnson & Wales University, SUNY-Oneonta, Los Positas State College, University of California-San Diego, University of New Mexico-Albuquerque, University of Washington-Tacoma, Providence College, College of the Redwoods, Northeastern University, West Valley College, University of Connecticut, St. Michael’s College, and more.