ABC’s For Roger

My mother was not an American when she crossed the border for the first time, headed south from Quebec as part of a migration of thousands of farmers and workers seeking manufacturing jobs in the industrial Northeast but her skin was white and her father had citizenship so they didn’t have to deal with racist Minute Men vigilantes at the border, private for profit detention centers for undocumented Americans, or violent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids at home, work, or school. They were allowed to pass in relative safety and peace, many years later she gave birth to two children and taught me my ABC’s in this language watching Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street, and although I am choosing not to have children of my own, the ones that I adopt will learn the same through symbols like these…

A is for Adoption, for every boy and girl in need
even when it seems that legal guardian angels only come to free
those that are healthy, white, and younger than age three.

A is Also for AGRICULTURE, which is Better than Cattle, Corn, Soy, or Deforestation;
It takes 12 million metric tons of grain
to feed and raise 3 million metric tons of edible beef,
take that same fuel and give it to human bellies?
you could feed 4 times the people,
prevent the slashing and burning of nearly 80% the forest,
and conserve almost 40% the drinkable water.

E is for Economics, Energy, and Evolution;
Fail to see how these things relate and our Globe
will choke on the Gaggles of Genomes
we are Greedy enough to make.

Huge Industrial Juggernauts Kill!
there are over 900 billionaires in existence;
(double the number there was when I first wrote this poem)
total their wealth, and you’ve got more money
than the combined assetof every working class person on Earth.
Billionaires- what socialists and anarchists have been referring to
for over a hundred years as the Ruling Class.
All colors, cultures, and skin tones
from the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia,
Nigeria, China, and New American Rome.
Blue blooded, white collared, with apathy colored eyes
now go back and hold onto “I,”
It’s Important,
like Conservation, Contraceptives, Recycling and Research.

L is not for Love of poetry or Hip Hop, but for Logic:
If the population of this world doubles in size
50 times over the next 200 years,
there will be no room to build, farm, or breathe;
that may not be enough to scare some into changing their daily routine
but as for me? I am terrified.

P is for Police Officers;
over worked, underpaid, and under-trained.
If the only people applying at the police academy are
football players who weren’t good enough to make it in college
and ex-military men with a propensity for violence,
then the only people holding guns in the name of the law will be…
football players who weren’t good enough to make in college
and ex-military men with a propensity for violence.

“P” is also for Petroleum OIL Plastics
in Practically every Product and Package within consumer reach or access.
It’s the same substance over which wars are fought only in a different chemical form.
Corporations and governments to send soldiers off to kill and die for more than just gas;
P is for Petrol but also for Polymers and Privileged control over Power sources.
When international bankers and the Industrial Military Complex Partner
Perpetual War quickly becomes the most Profitable endeavor Possible.

So let’s Question our goods
who makes them, where they come from, and how they are distributed;
we have a relationship with all of these things!
If some one or some piece of earth
is being destroyed in the process by which our goods get to us
then WE are Responsible for any harm done.
That’s why…
Responsible consumers
paper, plastic and glass.
V is for Vegan, and that’s where it’s at.
Actually, V is Vegetarian, Vegan, and omni-Vore
as long as we are doing everything that we can
to keep our money out of an earth destroying, worker exploiting,
animal torturing, factory farm corporation’s hands.

Which one of the following
is a figment of America’s fucking imagination?
is it:
a.) super man has X-ray vision.
where servants are subjected to several layers of X-ray radiation
every single day just to make certain that no one is stealing;
a decade after the story already broke in mainstream U.S. media.
Without very many slam poets or emcees writing very many letters
to their legislators or editors and Hip Hop and R&B
have become some of the most consistent investors in a venture destined
to keep conflict diamond mines alive and bleeding.
You and I can make a difference by NOT purchasing slave diamonds
to symbolize our love and the ring of its meaning.

Now they say that at poetry slams, protests, and highly acclaimed liberal arts colleges,
that we are preaching to the choir,
that our real goal should be to get the ideas presented Here
to the outside world, but we are not the choir.
I don’t believe that we’re working as hard as possible,
I don’t see us doing everything that we can,
and Evolution has to move faster than this.

Z is not for Zion or Zachariah but for Zenith,
if you and I sacrifice our surplus
till everyone has food, health care, and a bed
then we can reach it.

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