Get My Ghost

Jared’s debut hip hop full length LP is available now from BlackBox Tapes

At the forefront of underground radical art for over decade, Jared Paul has toured relentlessly as a spoken word artist, emcee, and revolutionary organizer. Get My Ghost is the culmination of the last ten years of protesting, touring, and learning. This full length album showcases Jared’s unique storytelling abilities, making it more of a rap-album-as-memoir then a heavy handed political manifesto.

Get My Ghost is produced by Sacramento engineer & multi-instrumentalist; Tommy Fox. Fox utilizes antique vinyl, analog synthesizers and one mpc to create the album’s dense soundscape. The record also features poetry from nationally acclaimed Viking Press author, Karen Finneyfrock, as well as verses from Ceschi, Guante, and Sole. DoomTree legend, P.O.S., makes an appearance reenacting a scene from Henry Rollins’ seminal punk tour journal Get In The Van. The all-star guest appearances continue with sharp cuts from DJ Pain One and a haunting collaboration with platinum artist, Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace. Black Box Tapes enlisted engineering virtuoso Skyrider to master the project, and the artwork is designed by revolutionary artist & Alien Body clothing designer; Pictureplane.

Equal parts activist and writer, Jared’s social justice driven poetry has received standing ovations at protests, festivals, rock concerts, and Hip Hop shows across the country. Getting his start as a featured act on tour with Sage Francis in the mid 2000’s, Jared qualified for the Individual World Poetry Slam finals multiple times and became one of the highest ranking slam poets in the world. He went on to form the radical Hip Hop-Punk hybrid band, Prayers For Atheists (PFA). Sage Francis’s label, Strange Famous Records, put out the first PFA project, and the band did 200 shows across the U.S., winning Album of the Year for their second record in Providence’s Motif Magazine, opening for Anti-Flag, Flobots, Mouth Sewn Shut, and headlining the Socialism 2011 conference.

Over that time Jared was arrested for non-violent direct action at anti-war demos, climate change actions, and major party conventions. He received international attention fighting an unlawful Conspiracy To Riot charge during the 2008 RNC. Supporters around the world rallied to support the legal defense fund and the story was picked up by news outlets across the states. All charges were dropped. Jared scored another significant legal victory in 2014, when after ten years of fighting, he was part of the largest protest-related, First Amendment civil suit in U.S. history—defeating the NYPD and setting federal precedent against the legality of “group probable cause.”

Jared Paul isn’t a name you’ll hear in Rolling Stone, but his work has won the respect of many of the acts you read about in major music magazines. He’s not the 4 Star General, he’s in the trenches with the troops. Get My Ghost shines a light on his journey—from apolitical working class kid to full blown radical, while staying true to both the golden era underground rap and early 2000’s indie-rap that pushed him to get involved in politics and start writing. This isn’t just a Hip Hop album, it’s a documentation of the modern American revolutionary movement, from someone who’s been on the frontlines for over a decade. Guts, blood, and craft from an 18 year vegan, socialist-atheist revolutionary: Tom Joad raised on Chuck D and Bad Religion.

Class War Chef – 10 Gluten Free, Vegan Recipes

This digital book was one of the most popular rewards from my 2013 crowdsourced writing residency. Class War Chef is a cookbook featuring the top 10 favorite gluten-free, vegan recipes I have developed over the past 17 years cooking for myself, family and friends. As a bonus I have included two of my favorite quick desserts, and a brief personal essay on the Class War Chef philosophy. 27 pages, pdf format.

Class War Chef Digital Book $15

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Jared Paul Live!

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I’m proud to announce that my first ever live spoken word album is now available! It’s a Greatest Hits record of the performance poetry pieces I’m best known for, recorded live in one night at a sold out show in my home city of Providence. Separated into to 14 tracks, the recorded set plays from beginning to end like a classic Richard Pryor or George Carlin “live in concert” album. The entire venue was mic’d to capture the audience’s reaction and the full energy of a live Jared Paul feature set. My engineer and I have been editing and mixing for the last year and the finished product has exceeded expectations.

You can order the album at:

Class Warpath T-Shirt

Class Warpath T-shirt   Class Warpath T-Shirt Back
American Apparel Tees. Design by Jared Paul & Class Sick Custom Designs. Printed Locally at Class Sick Custom Designs: $17.99 + $2.00 Shipping = $19.99.
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Prayers For Atheists
New Hymns For An Old War

Prayers For Atheists New Hymns For an Old War by Jared Paul

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“All the earmarks of a damn good hardcore punk album are there: the tense drumbeats, the dissonant vibrato guitars, the screaming gang vocals. But with such an epic title, it’s easy to ask what this “old war” is (even easier still with the operations in Afghanistan now the longest war in U.S. history). The answer is more thoroughly provided just by looking at the song titles: “Bouncers and Cops,” “Keep Left,” “U.S. Out of the Amazon.”

Guitarist Alan Hague and vocalist Paul are the primary songwriting team for PfA, and both have a long history of radical organizing in their native Providence, R.I., and beyond. Back in 2008, Paul was among the 800 protesters arrested by overzealous cops at the Republican Convention in Minnesota. “Hope City Skyline,” off New Hymns, name-drops a litany of social justice groups: “Jobs With Justice, Youth In Action, End the Siege, SDS…ISO, Food Not Bombs, 2:1, Marriage Rights, WIL, IWW, What Cheer? Mobilize…”
-The Socialist Worker

Prayers for Atheists follow up their 2009 debut EP with a full-length punk scorcher, New Hymns for an Old War (May 10 on their PFA Records imprint), providing plenty of wake-the-fuck-up diatribes from two knowledgeable, highly proactive rabble-rousers, guitarist Alan Hague and vocalist Jared Paul (bassist Matt Gilroy and drummer Marco Aveledo round out the quartet). No one is exempt from PFA’s shitlist, and this country continues to offer plenty of fuel for the band’s politically-charged firestorm of topics.

Spoken word/poetry slam veteran Paul was raised in Providence and later moved to Manville. He initially entered the political arena during his time at Lincoln High School, where he was student council president and worked with the lieutenant governor as part of the RI Boys State Congress in his junior year. Or, as Paul put it, “Just playtime at mock two-party system training ground bullshit.”
-The Providence Phoenix

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Prayers For Atheists EP

Prayers for Atheists EP by Jared Paul

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“Prayers for Atheists is punk-rap for the Dead Prez set. What sets PFA apart from most rock-rap acts is that MC Jared Paul has some real flow mastery. Meantime, his bandmates play more than just the standard chugga-chug bullshit you might expect from this sort of genre fusion. Comparisons to Rage Against the Machine are obvious, boring, and missing the point entirely.”
-Vice Magazine

“This is what punk with a social conscious should sound like.”
Maximum Rocknroll

“PFA rocks like Public Enemy bumrushing a basement hardcore matinee…”
-CMJ Magazine

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Saving Two Birds with One Poem

Saving Two Birds With One Poem by Jared PaulThis is a re-edited and redesigned edition of the punk-prose zine I put together for my first national tour in 2004. Short stories, poems, prose, and lyrics to the performance pieces that first got folks interested in the Fight The Tide philosophy, as well as some previously unpublished page work. It’s been clean-ed up, revised, and reconditioned with the help of the solvent free AS220 Printshop here in Providence. The covers are letter-pressed and all paper within is either 100% recycled or 100% re-salvaged. It’s a smart little design, just dirty enough to keep it’s crust credentials and personal touch, but of quality make and sharp enough to nod at the legitimately semi-professional.



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Five Stories

Five Stories by Jared PaulFive Stories is a short collection I put together for my 55 show, national DIY performance tour in 2008. 100% previously un-published work; new performance art pieces, new short stories, new songs. I’ve sold over 300 copies, hand to hand, in the first 6 months and am pleased with the reader respsonse. This piece is also put together by the AS220 print shop; letter pressed cover (solvent free), and only 100% recyced, or 100% re-salvaged paper within.



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