Easy Being Green (For Ona)

Left my car homeless, bottom of the exit
with a sign for the cops to contend with,
said: “Work For Change – Gone Till November”
Have traveled and I’ll shotgun agendas.
Start walking, less talk and more motion
Tried to pick up all the trash along the shoulder
but there was more than I was strong enough to hold up
Over flowin’ oceans, stretchin’ on horizons
and Man, we reflect that likeness
Consumption as violence; 6 billion violins
frenetic to buy shit, marionettes smilin’
Symphony of destruction reality television island
starring every living thing up in the globe
Every purchase is the fuel, every dollar is a vote
so I made an oath upon my Mother’s soul
though I couldn’t do it for’em, I’d at least account up for my own

It took ten years to make this song
It made me sure, it made me strong
It’s for Ona, for Packing Town
It was their fight then, it’s our fight now

I been vegan for over a decade, sober for 8.
bike, no car, through the snow and the rain
Can’t fake 4,000 days ashamed,
sittin’ at the table, skippin’ what Mamma made
but I can’t change just to comfort with taste
Factory farm = abomination of nature
n’ slavery’s the same by any other name
I’m sorry Mom and Dad but this is what you raised!
“Being green’s” easy when you see
that it’s your money funding the syringe and the whip
beak ripped, holes poked, and throat slit
Hormone n’ steroid injected to veins
Terrified with live eyes wide open
It’s the polar opposite of quick and painless
destruction of soil, mass water wasted,
factory farms tap dance on mass graves.
a hunter-gatherer nation we slaughtered to take it
sacrilege to those once and truly native
I don’t believe in god,
but if I did I’d know this isn’t how She made it

Keep the lights off!
No paper to trash, take it back and properly deposit
Flatten boxes, glass, shopping bags, and plastic bottles
Hydrogenated oil, red dye cancer?
Strangely, it seems I’m the one they callin’ crazy
cause i know what’s in my food before i put it on my table.
It’s EASY bein’ green, you just gotta read the labels
Corporation farms bought the FDA,
Passing poison food every single day
Profiteering banks, a pyramid of lies
crushing family farms and a whole way of life.
Agri-corp is waste – Earth, Water, Sky.
they may get your money, but they not gettin mine
Green-Wash Freeze Up-comin’
but we fought back before Truth made cents for Al Gore
for the whole damn planet and the same simple reason:
if you wouldn’t kill that life yourself, you probably shouldn’t eat it