A CrowdFunded writing residency with IndieGoGo

If you would like to donate, please do so at: http://igg.me/at/JaredPaulBook/x/3225064.

Last week I launched an IndieGoGo campaign for an autobiographical book of creative non-fiction stories and it’s off to an amazing start! These will be traveling stories, protest stories, and radical art adventures that cover everything from myself and other protesters temporarily placing three Boston police officers under citizen’s arrest (for assaulting members of the crowd) at the Democratic National Convention, to the time I got chased out of the ESPN X-Games for spitting on Eminem. Did I really spit on Eminem? Unfortunately, YES, I spit on Eminem! But he was being crazy belligerent to a close friend of mine at the time and things got out of hand.

After a decade of touring and protesting around the country I’ve got so many stories! A guy could write a book, ya know? I’ve been keeping detailed notes and for the first time in many years I’m taking an extended break from tour in order to write it all down for the record. The IndieGoGo campaign is the crowd funded writing residency that will allow me to write and edit for six to eight hours a day, like a full time job, till it’s finished.

After years of surviving as a full time independent artist, I’ve learned that DIY isn’t really Do It Yourself, it’s “Do It Yourself With Help From People Who Care.” I wouldn’t have a career if folks weren’t willing to throw shows for me around the country, attend events, and purchase my music and poetry. I am so grateful for that support. This book is the next step in my journey— as a writer and as an activist. The stories within will capture unique perspectives into the modern American counter-culture experience (protest, civil disobedience, community organizing, making it as a radical artist), the type of stories that aren’t often covered.

These stories are a valuable part of post-millennial radical history that deserve to be heard, and I’m in position to tell them in a way that not many people can. I believe the finished product is going to be something that will be read and talked about for many years to come and I’m inviting you to invest.