Jared Paul Northern Cali Mini Tour & Other News

Got some pretty cool news to share:

(1) DIY WRITING RESIDENCY: A longtime friend and show organizer from Nevada City, CA offered to fly me out for a five day writing residency, if I would do a poetry feature and share some excerpts from the new book at a small local reading he runs! I accepted and will be flying out to Cali in June!!

(2) MINI TOUR: Since the flight is paid for, I decided to use the opportunity to book some dates in Northern California and hold belated west coast release shows for my recently released spoken word album, Jared Paul Live! The dates for this mini tour are:

*6/11 Berkeley @ Starry Plough / 8p / $5

*6/12 Sacramento @ Time Tested Books / 7p / $3-$7 donation

*6/14 Santa Clara @ Studio Bongiorno / 8p / $3-$7 donation

*6/16 Santa Cruz @ Art Bar & Cafe / 6p / $5

*6/18 Reno @ Holland Project / 7:30p / $5

*6/19 Nevada City @ Aunty Kahn’s / 8p / $5

*6/20 Roseville @ Beatnik Books / 7:30p / $3-$7 suggested donation

*6/21 San Francisco @ Honey Hive Gallery / 6:30p / $5

*If you are in the area of any of these events, we’d love to see you! If you have poetry loving / progressive / vegan / vegetarian / atheist / anarchist / socialist / anti-capitalist / anti-war friends or family in the area (or anyone you think my dig the show) please pass along the word: Any help getting folks to Join these Facebook events, Facebook status updating, tweeting, tumbling, or Google +’ing this info out there would be GREATLY appreciated.

(3) BUY/STEAL THIS ALBUM: Jared Paul Live! is available now at: http://jaredpaulsfr.bandcamp.com/ — If you never got around to buying or streaming it this winter, why not give it a whirl this spring?! ( :

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